Nick Csaszar

PPC Candidate For Mission Matsqui Fraser Canyon

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Nick Csaszar

Nick Csaszar

The People's Party of Canada Candidate

Mission Matsqui Fraser Canyon

I was raised in Mission B.C. and lived in Merritt B.C. with my young family. My roots are in the Fraser Valley and the Thompson Nicola. I am the son of Hungarian immigrants that fled the Soviet invasion of 1956. My Father, who was a freedom fighter in the revolution, and my mother, raised me on the values of family, integrity, hard work, and community. My mother came from a family of ten children on a subsistence farm where my grandparents worked the farm by hand.

I grew up working on neighbouring farms in Mission and in the family construction business. My first job away from home was erecting commercial buildings and I later became a construction manager & contractor. During much of that time I was self employed. First as a Framing contractor and eventually I became a general contractor. I am now an Industry consultant working in the mandated New Home Warranty sector. My professional experience and skills include team leadership, conflict resolution, mediation, and project management. My schooling includes an education in Building Science, Mathematics, and now psychology through distance education.

I have been involved in community service for all of my life. The Kinsmen Club of Merritt and the Merritt Fire Service, president of the Mission Soccer Club, Community mentorship for at risk youth, counseling inmates, proprietor of the Atlas Youth Boxing Club, and organizer of the New Years Eve Dinner and Dance fund raiser for the Mission Food Center, just to name a few. I also represent stakeholders with BC Housing as well as having volunteered in various campaign roles.

My commitment will always be to the people of our community. Once elected, I pledge to answer to the needs of our citizens throughout this amazing riding, to speak plainly and honestly to the issues at hand and I advocate for, and will be, a real voice for change.

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Wed Oct 16th, 7pm-8pm Ashcroft All Candidates Meeting Hub Online Network 711 Hill St., Ashcroft Link
Thu Oct 17th, 10am-11am All Candidates Forum Riverside College 33919 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Mission Link
Fri Oct 18th, 5pm-9pm Diwali Festival Clarke Theatre 33700 Prentis Ave, Mission Link
TBA Town Hall for PPC Boston Bar TBA TBA


September 29, 2019

The housing shortage, affordability crisis, shrinking middle class; these are real concerns that have been a topic of the political conversation for as long as I can remember. As we grow more affluent as a nation we have become more vulnerable to crises. Job loss, long term illness, disaster, any one of these could ruin the prospects and long term economic security of most of us. When I was a young man, it outraged me that such things were going on in the world, especially Canada. So I joined Ed Broadbent and the NDP. He was a real voice for the working class, working poor, and disadvantaged. As I grew in business acumen and life I began to see that government could not address this on its own. The reality became clear to me that government invests in nothing, creates nothing, builds nothing, people and businesses do these things. Government could either make it easier or harder for these private entities to function; it could not fix anything directly. Wealth redistribution seemed logical and just and it seemed quick and reasonably effective. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A lifetime of working with poor and disadvantaged families, one thing has become clear, a decent job that pays the bills and a network of community & family was the real way these people’s lives could be improved. When this would happen for them, it would transform their entire family and even friends and neighbors would benefit.

So what? So I left the left. I was working essentially on the right from an economic perspective. My success was based upon fiscally conservative, even libertarian economic principles. It turns out that this is the only model that has created wealth and prosperity for the most people all along the wealth distribution scale. The problem we face today is excessive and burdensome regulatory barriers to anyone trying to apply these principles. A now famous quote from Ronald Reagan, a man I despised in my youth, “everyday people look to government to help solve their problems when the reality is that government IS THE PROBLEM”

This is truer than ever. I am not advocating for an open free for all. We need regulations, but just enough to keep things from becoming slanted and corrupted. Too much regulation and big government, and you see what we have now which is business investment that has completely dried up, shrinking wages and a shrinking middle class, dwindling prospects for many of our youth and young families, and a promise to fix it from all the other parties by taking money from one group and giving it to another. A total fail on ALL accounts by ALL parties.

Your success and prosperity is dependent on a People’s Party Government leveling the playing field for you. Reintroducing a can do atmosphere for small business and entrepreneurs and investors. These are the people that invest in all of us, not to their own end but by default their self improvement improves us all. This is what is lifting more people out of poverty in Africa faster than ever before. According to the UN’s own figures, real poverty has been halved in Africa in the past 12 years due to corporate investment, large and small. It has happened most in countries that have the most democratic and free market systems of government. This was due to good government policy, not government handouts or wealthredistribution.

Our focus is you and your prosperity. We will make that possible for you through proven economic strategies. Check out our simple, no nonsense, and beneficial to all tax policy. By raising the personal exemption immediately to 15K and lowering the tax rate for EVERYBODY. Yes we will pay for it without a deficit! By eliminating all the corporate boutique tax credits, corporate welfare, media bailouts and so on, we will give this money back to working Canadians. You are the engine of our economy and the fuel you need is cash back in your pocket.

September 23, 2019

I was asked by a reporter to weigh in on the TRUDEAU BROWN FACE SCANDAL. Here is what I said. "If we follow the politically correct code of the left, then he his a racist and at the very least doesn't deserve your vote. No, this is nonsense. Justin Trudeau is many things but he is no racist. What he is though, is a hypocrite. He has bounced two of his MPs for mere allegations of misconduct without proof. For this reason, based upon his own politically correct code, he should resign."

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